Real estate & citizenship info

Learn more about legalities & tax for when buying/selling property in Cyprus, and Cyprus-EU citizenships with property investments

Passport to the EU. Cyprus now offers one of the most attractive citizenship schemes with property investments

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Acquisition of Immovable Property in Cyprus

Buying property in Cyprus, whether you're a local or foreign national can seem to be daunting. No doubt, being better informed about the legalities of purchasing would make the process more comforting and efficient.

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Taxation & fees with property

Information on fees payable for the transfer of property acquired in Cyprus, immovable property tax and Capital Gains Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), deposit of a sales contract/agreement in the land registry, fees/taxes payable by the registered owner, and estate duty.

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Home loans, mortgages & financing

Set your future on a clear and expected path well in advance. Understand your options with home loans, mortgages & financing when investing in property.

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