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Boost the chances to sell or let your property in Cyprus by listing it for free on PrimeStar Estates' online directory. This will increase your exposure in the market, as well as expand your network and distribution channels for selling and letting.

Note: please complete the simple two-step process below, offering as much detail as possible. Remember, the more detail and accuracy made available the easier it will be to sell or let out the property. Once you complete the form, one of our expert real estate agents will confirm the request, and then get back to you regarding the full procedure, as well as all terms and conditions. Download full instructions here

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Step 1: Personal & property details


Step 1: Personal & property details

Fill the empty boxes below with all personal detail and offer precise information about your property in Cyprus. Some are to be filled (typed-out) manually, whilst others are to be selected from the drop down list.

Please note, you DO NOT have to fill in the box "Land & plot zone" unless your listing refers to a plot of land. If so, this will be found in your land's Title Deed.

Write a brief description of your property. This is essential as you will be providing your property's specifications and will show potential tenants/buyers the overall description and state of your property.

Remember, this is your opportunity to literally "sell" your property, so be dynamic and descriptive, yet also clear and concise. "Accurate information helps in the right decision making!"

ADVICE: You can take examples from our already listed properties! Small description and then bullet point form of the property's specifications.

Once you have finished, click "Next"

Step 2: Property photos & Youtube link


Step 2: Property photos & Youtube link

In this section you are asked to upload some photos of your property. The maximum number of images you can upload is 20 (Combined Max Upload: 20MB).*

Choose photos that give the best overall picture of your property!

Photos should be minimum 750x550 pixels in size

Do not upload any photos of the property's surrounding area.

TIP: An image tells a thousand words, so take time and effort with your images:
- Make sure property photos are clear and have good lighting
- SLR cameras with wide lens are ideal for taking a photo of an entire room
- Make sure your space is clear of clutter and looks clean before taking the photo
- Take many photos and then go through them and choose which are best to upload

Upload Property Videos

You can upload a video of your property by uploading to Youtube (note, this can also be uploaded privately so it is not available to the general Youtube public) and then adding the YouTube URL link in the last box.

Again don't worry about this, as it is NOT ESSENTIAL!

Once you have chosen the photos to upload and maybe a video, click "Upload"


Your request will be reviewed by one of our agents and then listed in our website!

Thank you.